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St. Martin de Porres House of Hospitality includes a community of people with diverse spiritual practices, although their roots are in, and continue to be inspired by the Catholic Worker Movement.  Begun by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in 1933, the Catholic Worker philosophy and ideal are carried out by upwards of 200 houses worldwide in various works of mercy in the spirit of "gentle personalism."  In San Francisco, Martin's is a free restaurant serving breakfast and lunch during the week and brunch on Sundays.  Its mission is to serve in the spirit of compassion, understanding and love.  St. Stephen Parish contributes to Martin de Porres House through volunteers at Martin's and donations made through the Giving Tree at Christmas time.

St. Stephen Parish has generously contributed to a variety of local organizations through its annual Christmas Giving Tree.  Beneficiaries of the parish include Laguna Honda Hospital, St. Peter's Parish and Martin de Porres House.  Parishioners are encouraged to retrieve "stars" from Christmas trees displayed in the Church and select a special gift as requested on the tag to be returned in time for distribution at Christmas, typically in the second week of December.

Contact: Helga D’Arcy - (415) 731-8211